Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Freeze and Thaw

Beautiful Sunset
Yesterday, our temperatures were well above freezing and we had rain which took away a lot of the snow.  Today, we are back to cooler weather and it is lightly snowing.  The tree trunks are almost completely covered in snow so the backwoods is a study in grey and white.
I took this photo Sunday just before 5 p.m.  A glorious sunset that seemed to go all around the property.  As it formed, the snow took on a faint pink tinge and the tree tops where touched with a brilliant red.  What a contrast to today's scene.
I am hoping to finish the top of one of my scrap quilts today and will post a photo tomorrow.  Then the top will be added to the growing pile of unquilted projects..  I need more batting but am waiting for a sale before getting some.
Have you noticed that the batting seems to be thinner?  It must be a struggle for manufacturers with the cost of raw products going up and not wanting to pass the increase on to consumers.  So many things seem to have less in the package with the same price.  I have noticed this particularly in bread.  There will be a really good sale, you buy a few loaves and don't really pay attention to the fact that there are less slices.  Then the price returns to normal with the smaller product.  I think I would prefer the price increase.

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