Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Favourite Model

Heidi loves sitting in front of the fire.  She will lay there until she is panting with the heat and we have to call her away from the stove.  I have tried a number of times to take a photo of her her but it never turns out because she tends to blend in the background.  I finally had her lay on a blanket and that has provided enough contrast. 
My Favourite  Model
I immediately removed it after the photo was taken, by the way.  Photo op is one thing, homeless is another.
We are getting another snowfall.  It is so nice to have the option of staying indoors or, at least, home,  on such days.  I have always enjoyed winter but, I must confess, that it is even nicer now that we are retired.
I am still working on using up my scraps.  I have got a lot of them organized and thought I was making progress.  Then I remembered the tote that is under my quilt frame.  Alas, it is full.  A lot of it is strips that I have cut previously but a lot more is just bits and pieces that have been tossed in there.  Do you suppose a quilter is ever scrap free?

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  1. heidi's looking a little hippy here ....