Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snowed In

Winter Wonder
We had over a foot of snow fall from early Saturday until just after noon on Sunday.  We couldn't get out to church as the car couldn't plow through all the snow even thought it was light (the snow not the car). When I cleaned off my car yesterday before going to quilt group, I could see where the snow had been pushed all the way up to the hood.
Guess we should have used the truck but we probably wouldn't have been able to get back up the driveway anyway.
So, we stayed home and had church together and the dog was allowed to join us which doesn't usually happen.
I don't mind being snowed in although we did miss not being able to get to church.
Yesterday, while at quilt group. I got the blocks for the quilt I have been working on laid out.  It took quite a while with another lady helping with the arrangements.  I am pleased with the look and am now sewing the blocks together.  Should be able to post a photo tomorrow or the day after.  I was planning on going into Huntsville tomorrow to shop but as I have a doctor's appointment next week, I may as well do everything at once.
I have mentioned previously that I have been writing for an online magazine.  The first column will be in this month's issue so, when it is out, I will let you know.  You will have to subscribe but, if you are a quilter, you will enjoy the magazine just for itself.

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