Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Bird in a Wreath

Baltimore Album Block
This little bird is my latest from the Baltimore Album I am doing. (still have to add an eye and leg).  I have to order some more patterns from Quilter's Cache but, in the meantime, I am going to remove some pieces from a couple of the previous blocks.  My skill has improved since I started-which is good, but now I can see how sloppy my first efforts were.
My problem is that I don't like to practice.  Or rather, I don't mind the practice but I have to have some purpose for what I am working on. I should have appliqued my practice pieces to a background fabric that could have been turned into a place mat and then I probably would have kept on.  I doubt if I have learnt anything from this though as I have been like this all my life.  I tend to just jump in with both feet and hope I don't land on glass.
I completed all the blocks for my scrappy top yesterday and now am trimming them to size.  I will take the blocks to quilt group where I can lay them all out and decide how I want to put them together.
I am meeting a friend for lunch today.  A nice treat.  Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to another friends for supper.  Guess this is our social week.

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