Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Little Letters

We are getting a bit of snow this morning.  The flakes are tiny, barely visible but I think we are going to get enough that we will have to get the driveway ploughed again.  It is amazing how something so tiny can, after a while, add up to so much. It is rather like calories, isn't it?  An extra bit of something here and there and the next thing you know, our clothes are too tight.
If I took that a step further, you can often see the same result in relationships.  It is the tiny niggly actions that result in hurt feelings and loss of affection.  I have learnt over time that it is not so much what I say but how I say it.  Think of the little 3 letter word 'yah' and how many ways it can be pronounced and each one gives a different meaning.
This isn't what I had intended to talk about this morning but the one thought led to another which resulted in something larger-just like those snowflakes.
I am going to be adding a free pattern to my web page shortly.  It is a paper pieced one which I have been making.  I discovered, quite accidentally, that one of the sections when joined next to three other blocks makes a pattern.  I will tell you which one that is once the pattern is posted so you can choose your fabric accordingly.
You only have just over a week to take advantage of my free pattern offer in honour of passing 50 blog followers.  Just go to my web and chose the pattern you want, e mail me giving the correct code and answer to my question and I will send you your choice.  For complete information, check out the Jan. 03 blog-A Thank You Gift.
I am looking forward to going out snowshoeing this afternoon with my husband and wee dog.  Heidi will just be on her little feet!  Roger has been working on getting a trail packed down for us.  We enjoyed snowshoeing so much last year and it is such good exercise. It is extra special going through our bush and seeing the tracks of the various animals.  A friend was telling me this morning that she and her husband saw the trail of an otter when they were out on their property.
Whatever you are doing today, I hope you have a great one,

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