Thursday, January 19, 2012


On the off chance that you might be a person who doesn't like winter, I thought you might like to see a photo of something green.  This was taken in the bush that is to south of our house.  We have left those five acres entirely natural other than to remove dead trees. The view outside today is completely opposite of this photo.  We are getting snow and the sun is no where to be seen.  I am baking but will still go out later.  It might be for just a short walk but I enjoy the crisp air.  Today is my husband's birthday.  I got up early and made him breakfast and he will be getting his favourite desert; apple crisp, for supper.  I am also making bread, sausage patties (5 dozen), a casserole and some teething biscuits for our pastor's son.  Thursday seems to have turned in to baking day so now my week almost has a full schedule: Monday quilting, Thursday baking and Friday work.  I usually do appointments and shopping on Wednesday but that is infrequent. Of course, I do quilt every day. No matter what else I might have been doing, there is always time for quilting. Yesterday, I completed a small wall hanging for my husband.  I will take a photo to show you tomorrow.
If you are going out, take care.  We have snow squall warnings for much of our area and that makes it tricky driving.

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