Friday, January 13, 2012

Becoming a Follower and More

I had a query as to how a person becomes a follower/member of this blog.  On the right hand side of the page is a: Join This Site button.  Just click it and follow the instructions. I appreciate people signing up as it is encouraging to see the numbers rise.  I have also added a button so you can have the blog sent to your email address.
White Dog in Snow
As you can see by the photo, we are settling into winter here in the backwoods. It snowed all day yesterday and through the night. My computer weather notice had the red warning sign on it this morning.  When I clicked on it, it told me that winter had returned to Ontario.  Well, goodness me, what a surprise.  Here it is January in Canada and we are getting winter!
I think this photo of Heidi is really funny.  She always seems so white until she gets outside and the contrast between her white and the snow's white is obvious.  I still like to put a coat on her when we go for a walk in case she gets away.  A flash of colour is much easier to see.  A night, she gets a flashing red light hooked to her collar when she goes out.  Even though she is on her chain, I like to be able to tell where she is in case something thinks she is prey.
Do you like batiks?  Most quilters love them.  Flare fabrics ( is having a sale and, if you live in Canada, there isn't any shipping charge.  They are getting some batik flannels in soon.  I like flannel but don't like how it frays.  Perhaps the batik would be better.  I will have to try some and see.
Hope you all have a great weekend and, if you live in Ontario, watch our for winter!

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