Thursday, January 5, 2012

Moments to Fill

I have added a link  that I hope you will be able to access.  It is a lovely video.
There is always something to do to fill in moments of time, isn't there?  My computer has been very slow send e mails and performing downloads today for some reason so I have been tracing leaves on a piece of fabric while waiting.  I need 22 of them of them to applique.  They are only about an inch and a half long so each one is a bit fiddly. 
I have also been gathering up fabric for a new quilt.  It is a scrappy and takes 21 different fabrics.  It seems as though I am on a twenties kick this week.  I just made bread but only six loaves.  Couldn't imagine doing twenty of them.
I am still using up old fabric and am trying to keep to that section of my stash pile.  Of course, by the time I have all that used up my new stash section will be old.  Will it ever end.  I hope not. 
My husband has gone into the village to pick up the mail and do a few odds and ends.  His truck didn't start so he had to take the car.  When we bought it, I enquired about a block heater but was told I didn't need it as the car was good for 25 below (another twenty).  So far, he has been right.  We have had a few days when it has been colder and there wasn't a problem.  Remember when our cars where plugged in all winter?
One of the projects I need to do this year is a wedding quilt for my nephew who is getting married in December.  I have been thinking of patterns but still haven't decided on one.  I have three family members getting married this year-all in England!  That should keep me in the quilt room.

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