Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Deer are Back

Another week almost over.  Yesterday, it seemed as though it was taking a long time to get going and today it has jumped to the finish.
My legs feel tired today as we went for a walk through the bush and had to wade through some deep snow in one area.  The trail was packed down but I like to wander into different sections.  I almost lost my balance a couple of times.  Wouldn't have been a disaster but I prefer to avoid a tumble if I can.  I always carry a cane and it helps to tilt me back in the right direction. 
We had some deer in the yard this morning; our first this winter.  I think they were hoping to get a quick bite from one of our bird feeders but it is surrounded by about 4 feet of snow so I don't think they could reach it.  I will have to check later.  We don't usually put anything in that one in the winter as the deer clean it out almost before we get back  into the house.
I don't think they are starving even if they can't get an easy meal.  It has been such a mild winter that I am sure they have lots of things they can nibble on.  A number of our neighbours feed them as well.  We keep an eye on any we see and if they start to look scraggly, we will put something out.  However, they all look nice and plump this year.

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