Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I probably shouldn't be trying to write anything today as my brain is mush but I need to get caught up. Yesterday we were in Huntsville as I had to go to the hospital for one of those in and out procedures, then we met friends for lunch.  My husband had already bought the groceries we needed so were able to get home in good time.  I hadn't slept the night before so I went to bed early. Today, I have a massive headache.  I think it is because I didn't drink enough water after not being able to have any for 12 hours.
I can't remember if I have said this before (see reference to brain) but I found a great web site ( that has some nice scrappie patterns on it.  I have saved the ones I would like to make, labelled baggies with the name of the pattern and the fabric sizes i.e. 3.5 X 6.5 and am now cutting my scraps and smaller bits of fabric and putting them in the appropriate bags.
I find that I am more motivated to do this than just cutting fabric without any set purpose.  I have included some of my own patterns with this project so if I have extra fabric, I may sell them as a kit.
It is quiet in the forest today.  There is enough snow on the ground to deaden most sounds and no one has chain saws or snow machines running.  I don't even hear a dog baking and that includes our own.
I will be going outside for some fresh air later so that should help clear my head!

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