Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

My husband and I were at the local Remembrance Day service this morning.  There were a lot of people from babies in carriages to the elderly who were in attendance.  The village event is really well organized.  I have been to some in larger communities which seemed to have been put together at the last minute.
We had a skiff of snow last night and it has stayed on the ground.  The sky is still overcast so we may get more although the weather report predicts warming temperatures.  My car has gone in to get the winter tires installed so I am prepared no matter what happens.
I got a sudden inspiration yesterday and designed a new pattern.  I really like it and am now making it up and working out the steps.  It goes together quickly so hope to have it on my web before the end of this month.
Did you see the moon last night?  It was shining through the top of the trees in the early evening and looked as though it had got tangled in the branches.  It was huge.  I wanted to take a photo but it was too far back for it to turn out properly.  The leaves are all off the trees now and everything looks pretty grey so the birch and evergreens really stand out.  Each season seems to feature something different as do the between season times.  I am anxiously awaiting the most spectacular season: winter.

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