Thursday, November 10, 2011

Making Progress

I have another quilt almost finished.  Just a few more inches of the binding to do.  Another one is on the frame but I have a crack in one of the runners on which the carriage sits so I have to wait for a replacement before continuing.  I can still use the machine but it is very difficult getting my curves, curved.
We had a noisy windstorm last night.  It woke me up just after midnight and, at first, I thought I was hearing a train.  I could see the trees swaying in the moonlight.  I got up to see if everything was alright and, oddly, none of the lawn furniture or shrub covers had moved.  I had to put ear plugs in to deaden the noise so I could go back to sleep.
My web genius got the free block and some other patterns on my web site yesterday if you would like to take a look.
I also got the first section of my book done  so it was a productive day.  Each chapter/section is going to have a pattern that relates to the topic.
I am meeting some friends in town today for lunch.  Haven't done that since moving from Edmonton so it will make a nice change.  Husband is going to the family hunt camp with his nephew so, he too, has a planned day.

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