Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Favourite Kind of Day

There were probably not very many people cheering this morning as they woke to find snow on the ground.  However, I was and so was my husband.  I am not sure about wee Heidi but I think she showed a little extra excitement when she went outside. The chickens are out happily pecking inside their wire run.  We debated letting them out as we weren't sure what was best for them but as they are clad in a thick coat of feathers we finally decided they would be fine.
 It had been looking pretty dreary here in the backwoods.  Fall, although welcome at first,  had, like that last straggling guest, hung around far too long.  The little forest creatures were ready to hibernate and I was ready to start wearing cozy sweaters.This morning the ground is white, the trees are tufted with little cotton balls adding just a touch of whimsy to their gently swaying trunks.
I have chicken soup cooking in the cast iron kettle on the wood stove and pumpernickel bread in the bread machine. While I prefer to make the majority of our bread by hand, I use the machine for specialty loaves.
As promised, I am including a pattern for a foundation pieced block.  I think you should be able to print it off and then enlarge.  If not, it will be in my web in the Freebies section soon. It is an seven inch, finished, block.

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