Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chipmunks Away

The little chipmunks have been very active in raiding our bird feeder this week.  We seem to have an abundance of the little creatures this year and we have been entertained by their activities.    They don't seem to have any fear of humans or a dog.  Yesterday, just after I had once more replensihed the feeder, I noticed two chipmunks were stuffing their little cheeks.  My husband had left a long stick near the feeder so I got it and poked at the base.  One chipmunk had already fled but the other was determined to get as many seeds as possible.  I had to give the feeder a good jab before it fell off.  It lay on the ground looking at me as much as to say " What just happened".  I went back in the house and, of course, as soon as the door closed, it was back in the feeder.
They will soon be hibernating so I guess I will just leave the feeder empty until then.  They must have enough seeds to see them through a good long winter by now.
I had a touching reminder yesterday eveing that I live in a small community.  I chair a muncipal committee and we were discussing an event that we are holding and someone mentioned that we should let the funeral home know what we were doing so, if possible, they wouldn't have visitation on that evening.  I thought the concern might be for parking but that wasn't it.  The woman was concerned about family members having their grief interuppted by a group of noisy celebrants.  Isn't that a wonderfully considerate thought and can you imagine that being a concern in a large city.
I have a lot of time to get things done this week as my husband is in hunting mode.  Tomorrow, I hope to have a free block pattern for you,

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  1. ah, chipmunks...

    i used to have them come 'round my backyard every now and then when i had a bird feeder

    but i took the bird feeder down and now the little rascals are nowhere to be found

    i kinda miss them