Friday, November 25, 2011

Five Hens A-Laying

My Way
All five of our hens are now giving us nice wholesome eggs.  They are starting to accumulate in the cartons so we may have to add another person to our customer list.  My husband is seriously thinking about adding to the flock next year as there is enough room for another 5.  They eat a lot of kitchen scraps along with their regular food which helps the cost.  Did you know that there is arsenic in some chicken feed.  Trace amounts but as it accumulates in the body still not a good thing.
This photo is the original of a design that I am just finishing up to get on my web.  It will be included in the sale.  Please pass on the information about the sale to your friends, groups etc.  All publicity is welcome when you are a struggling (although not starving) artist.
 I am still waiting for the snow to arrive.  Am I the only person who feels that way?  I always feel so much healthier in the winter.  And I love cooking on the wood stove.  It is such a cozy, homey thing and the food doesn't burn on the bottom if I get distracted by quilt making.
Another weekend arrives tomorrow.  I am off to a craft show with a friend and am planning to get a few Christmas gifts. I make the majority of mine but do like to support other artisans as much as I can.

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