Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am way too impatient.  Our hydro just flickered off and then back on again but it was enough that the computer shut down.   I had to wait for it to reboot which it didn't do instantaneously so I pushed the start button again and that confused it.
I really try to be more patient but am not very successful. I think it is a form of ego; my world is not performing the way it should, other things are upsetting my world.
To make my reaction even less understandable, I have been expecting hydro problems because we have had freezing rain and there is  a lot of ice on the trees.  I assumed that there is also some on the hydro wires.  I have prepared by filling the electric kettle as well the one on the stove and a large bowl so we will have water. Perhaps, I should also have done some mental preperation.
I had planned on going to the town to do some shopping today but, of course, it is not good driving weather. (My schedule has been mucked up).  As I am housebound, I guess I will just have to quilt. There's a hardship.
Did anyone take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday?    Just in case you are still in the shopping mood  my 25% off sale will continue until Dec. 17th. then a draw will be made from purchasers names and the winner will receive a 12 Days of Christmas panel.
It appears as though the power is going to stay on so I will finish the quilt that is in the frame and perhaps start a few Christmas gifts. We are on the downward slope to the season now so I guess I had better get moving.  House decorating and baking starts next week.
If you are on the roads today, please be careful. Impatience combined with a steering wheel is deadly.

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