Friday, November 4, 2011

Feathers and Hens.

I finished the top on this quilt yesterday and am somewhat pleased with the result.  This is my first 'all over' pattern that I have done with the frame.  That means the effect is not repeated rows of quilting.  There are lots of mistakes as I have not yet learnt to control the machine but it is better than my first attempts. The stitch design is double feathers and I will use it again. This quilt pattern will be added to my web site as soon as I have done the binding.  I will also be announcing a big sale just in time for Christmas sewing or gift giving.  The sale will include everything on my web site.
My husband is chopping wood this morning and has also put the heater on in the hen house.  The temperature has dropped below freezing so I am happy to be comfortably coccooned in my studio.  I have a number of projects listed to get done on this 'work' day but I will go for a walk later.  It looks as though the sun may break through the grayness.  Yesterday, husband, Heidi and I tromped through the bush and noted which trees were in danger of falling.  Heidi took the opportunity to fly around the trees scattering leaves in all directions.  Somewhere along the way, she rubbed her head in something offensive and had to have a bath before bed time. Why do dogs do that?
Speaking of the hens; I've mentioned in previous postings that one of the chickens is a real good layer.  Her eggs are huge.  We had eggs for breakfast and those large ones are double yolkers.  
Hope you all have a good weekend. 

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  1. I love this Feathers and Hens patterns and colors......where can I find one?