Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Panic in the Chicken Coop

Winter seems to be passing us by.  We had a little snowfall which since has melted and now are back to the greys and browns of a late fall.  I know it is nice for driving and getting decorations put up but taint natural.
My husband phoned while I was at quilt group yesterday to tell me that we had an uprising in the chicken coop.  He had been looking outside to wave goodbye as I left and saw the hens jumping around in excitement about something.  One got so carried away that she popped right out of the partially covered run.  Roger went out, scooped her and and put her back where she belonged.  I always thought that if one got out it would try to fly away or at least run but, apparently, it just hunkered down and waited to be rescued.
Always some sort of excitement here in the backwoods.
My webmistress has the latest free block on my web now. www.arkangelcreations.org. Tomorrow I will be posting information about the upcoming sale.

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