Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Good Cause

It is a glorious day here in the backwoods.  It is only 9 degrees Celsius but the sun is shining as brightly as it would in the middle of summer.  We are about to have lunch and then are off to Huntsville for an appointment and to do some shopping so it will be a nice day for a drive.
This morning, I went over to the church to help pack boxes that are sent to children in less fortunate areas of the world.  Operation Shoebox (hope I have remembered the name correctly) is a yearly event and is contributed to by hundreds of individuals and groups across Canada and, probably, other countries.  It is nice to think of the difference this little shoe box sized gift will make to so many children.  There are practical gifts such as soap and toothbrushes and plenty of fun items like yo yo's, crayons, little stuffed toys and cars. 
The majority of these things are bought at discount stores so don't represent a lot of money but, if this is the only gift you receive in a year,  it is worth hundreds.
There has been a lot of news coverage of the occupation by hundreds of people in various parks and vacant lots in North America.  These citizens are concerned about the disparity between the poor and wealthy.  I admire them for there willingness to draw attention to this eternal situation but hope that they also do something practical like donate to agencies who are daily involved in helping others.

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