Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Baltimore Album Blocks
I am just waiting for the water to boil in my canner so I can make my grape jelly.  Then I want to do a large batch of chili.  Tomorrow it is bread and pumpkin butter that is on the schedule list. This photos shows the first two blocks of the hand appliqued Baltimore Album quilt I am doing (and my dirty kitchen floor). I still have to embroider the stems on the wreath block.   I have also added the poster advertising the sale that starts this week.  There will be new items added so check back frequently.

Nov. 25th until Dec. 17th

In not one but two locations

Two stores are offering 25% off

On everything

Fabric, Patterns, Notions, Quilts

All 25% off

But wait, there’s more

Everyone who makes a purchase will have their name entered into a draw.

Winner receives a Twelve Days of Christmas quilt panel.

Sale Locations:

Click and Buy.

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