Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Blahs

Yesterday, I had the quilting blahs. I couldn't get enthused about any particular project or even put the material together to start one.  I ended up making little Christmas ornaments.  I have a lot of 3 1/2" muslin squares and bags of scraps so I sewed strips and little squares and other arrangements onto the muslin and came up with almost a dozen ornaments.  I will now sew on a back, stuff, and add a hanger.  These are nice to put on a parcel, stick into a stocking or even give as hostess gifts. So, sometimes even the blahs can result in a useful project.
I have been very concerned about a family member for some time so I haven't been able to work up much enthusiasm for anything or at least not for an extended period of time.  There isn't anything I can do about the situation except trust but that doesn't stop the worry or occasional meltdown.
I am not sure of what the outcome of it all will be but, as with everything else, I try to take each day as it comes, be thankful for the blessings I have and pray.
Yesterday after quilt group, I put a top in the frame and today I will start quilting it.  I had to catch up on housework and need to go into the village for a few errands but should be able to get a bit of it done today.  Doing something relatively mindless is often what the brain needs.

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  1. I've been in one of those blah moods the last few day too. Maybe it's the cycle of the moon, or the weather. Whatever it is better pass soon, I have a ton of quilting to get finished! Your ornaments were productive I'm sure. Pictures?