Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Free Block and a Sale

The pattern to make the block that is in this little virtual quilt will be on my web site shortly.  I am showing it as a quilt because it is hard to see how nice it would look made up if all you can see is the block. I will have a quilt pattern on my site later but this is a freebie for you. 
Later this month, I am going to be telling you about a great sale just in time for Christmas shopping.  It involves two locations and both will include everything in stock.
I learnt something about planting bulbs this morning that was a revelation.  Did you know that you could plant snowdrops over grape hyacinth over daffodils over tulips.  All those bulbs in the same hole at different levels.  In my garden, I get spotting colour happening in different areas.  I am going to dig up all my bulbs and replant-when it stops raining.  I am also going to be buying more bulbs now I will have extra room.  This was a tip from Mark Cullen who is the Ontario guru of gardening. The general idea is the plants that flower the earliest go on the top.  So it will be necessary to do a little preplanning and reading of packaging.
  Now I have to get working on a book I have been mentally planning.  You won't be able to read it unless I get it on paper, will you?

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