Friday, August 19, 2011

Storage Shed

I've been helping my husband as he works on getting his storage shed finished.  The roof work is done so that means my part is also finished.  My job has been to do the ground work-pass up nails, fallen hammer, wood, tar paper etc. Neither of us like heights so the less times he has to climb up and down the ladder, the easier it is.
I am beginning to think I may not get my projects finished in time to enter them in the fair.  I only have a couple more weeks and I haven't the top of the biggest one finished yet.  I am putting the binding on the table runner so it should be done but I won't be doing any of the smaller projects I had planned. 
As of 3.38 last night, I now have another distraction.  Our pastor and his wife just gave birth to their first child; a wee baby boy.  I am so pleased for them and will, of course, be making all sorts of quilty things to start the little one out right.  I am going to be making a couple of bibs to start.  A little batting between the layers will help absorb the spills.
Yesterday, I was hauling out fabric trying to find something big enough to use as backing for the strip quilt I told you about.  It is a bit of an odd size-60 X 50 so nothing was big enough.  I ended up piecing together a couple of smaller bits.  This led me to the thought that I should make a few scrappy backings.  It is another way of using up fabric but without doing a lot of cutting. 
My only concern is that as I use a machine and frame for my quilting, will all those seams be a problem.  Will have to think about it.

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