Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Everything Blue

Log Cabin Blues
This pattern has been added to my web site.  I call it log cabin blues for obvious reasons.  I made this quilt some time ago for a customer and I like the look so much that I want to do it again for myself.
We have recently had a couple of new birds arrive in the backwoods.  One is a pair of Eastern bluebirds.  It took us a while to identify them as we are used to the Western variety.  They have been sitting in a tree that is outside the dining room window and we watch them come and go while eating supper.
Our other visitor is a Baltimore Oriole.  I had put out an orange section a couple of weeks ago not really believing that it would attract anything other than a squirrel but I was wrong.  A vivid little visitor arrived a few days later.  Now I have to make sure that I keep a section or two of its favourite fruit available.

Do you make foundation pieced quilts?  I have come up with a different and, I believe, effective (and cheap) way of marking the pattern so the stitching lines are more visible.  This will be added to my tutorial page later this week.

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