Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Patterns

Rachel from Sisters quilting Expo and I have been working on some more patterns and kits that she will have on her web site.  Another version of this one will also be on my site later as well as a freebie.
When the cooler weather arrives, I start to feel more energetic and things that have been laying around for a while get done.  I finished a quilt top at group yesterday and then, after supper, almost finished the quilting on a table runner. I have been, (as I've mentioned before) working on a centerpiece block that is hand appliqued and it is almost completed as well.
On Saturday evening, my husband and I went to a concert in the village.  One of the entertainers is someone who is a local politician and on a committee I chair.  It is odd when you know someone in one guise to see them burst out into one that is completely different.  I guess if the music had been country or folk it wouldn't have been as startling.  To hear loud, raucous punk rock scream from this man almost popped my eyes from my head.  I was also amazed at his vocal range.  The talent in this area is astonishing.  Everything from singers (at least one internationally famous), painters, writers and quilters in a population of approximately 2000 if you include the surrounding townships.
I am off to hang out laundry before picking the blackberries for jam.  Then I can settle down in my studio.  If you have a few moments, check out the new patterns.  Many of them are for childrens quilts.  Christmas isn't that far way you know.

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