Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rain, Blessed Rain

It started raining this morning and continued until mid afternoon.  You could almost hear the plants sighing with relief.  Within a few minutes everything became greener and perkier. 
It was hard to see when I was out driving on the highway and our 'under construction' road was muddy and slippy but I didn't care.  We needed the rain.
It is even a bit cooler so I am cooking a hot meal for the first time in a few days.  Tomorrow, it will be back to what has been normal for this summer but we, and the earth, have had a respite.
My husband, another lady and I went over to finish cleaning out the quilt room of our friend that died recently.  I came home with a car full of stuff and my husband had a couple of totes in the truck.  This on top of the other equal sized loads that we did previously.  It has been as sad task but we were glad to do it as a last favour for our friend.  Now it has to be sorted and given a new home.

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