Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Stuff

I have some additions to my web page-a tutorial and a new page that you may want to check out.  I have been working on an applique pattern-a freebie, to be added sometime soon.
We are having a rainy day and it is cooler than it has been; a welcome change.  I am going to be doing some baking tomorrow so am expecially glad that the temperature has dropped.  My son is oging to be here for a couple of days and, of course, I have to do serve him some 'Mom cooked' food.
I finished cleaning out my quilt room on the weekend.  I tossed out 2 garbage bags of trash and set aside 2 more full of patterns and fabric to be given away.   My stash is organized neatly on shelves as are my books and magazines.  I have a couple of shoe box size containers full of thread that need to be put into or onto something. Rulers and stencils are hung on hooks.  In short, everything is ready for the Christmas sewing frenzy after which I will once again have to clean.
My appliqued center block is almost finished so I will have to find another project to do while watching television.  I have an appliqued wall hanging that I want to do but I need a lot more skill than I have right now as well as a magnifier and light combo.  I am putting in a request for that as an anniversary gift.

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