Friday, August 5, 2011

Cleaning Again

How often do you clean your quilt room?  By 'clean', I mean sort out the piles, boxes and bags of fabric, patterns, magazines and totes with unknown contents.
I seem to have to do this every time I get an influx of fabric or add a major purchse.  If I were more organized, I would probably have a place for the additions before there were bought.  I can blame my lack of space for the disorganization but I suspect that were my qult room the size of Buckingham Palace I still would be overflowing into other areas.  Just as work grows to fill the time alloted, quilting paraphanalia expands to fill every area that surrounds it.  I think it is a variation of nature abhoring a vaccuum: fabric abhors a vacant shelf.
I like reading about ways to get organized just like I enjoy reading about exercises that make you slim.  The information is good but, if you just read about it, that is all it is; information. I guess I should just accept that this is the way I am.  No matter how much I read, make lists, self promises or schedules, I am going to continue dropping, shoving and piling until it reaches a critical mass.  Then I will clean and start back on the cycle.

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