Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smoke Detectors and Other Bits of Life

We didn't get to sleep as early as planned last night because one of the smoke detectors kept beeping.  My husband finally had to turn off the trip switch to make it stop.  I probably would have been able to ignore it with the help of ear plugs but every time it beeped, Heidi barked.  Every so often it seems that any sound, even familiar ones set her off.
It wasn't a good day for her yesterday anyway.  She got into a burdock and her face was a mass of tangles.  She had been trying to pull them out before we noticed and was gagging and hiccuping.
Fortunately, we only had to cut a bit of her hair as I was able to disentangle the rest and then brush out the bits.  She usually doesn't like to get her hair combed no matter how gentle I am but when I was working on her yesterday, she just leaned against me and let me work.
When I was finished, she wanted out again.  She went right over to the grass and started chewing away on it just as if she were a cow.  Odd thing to watch.
We have been feeling quite sad over the death of Jack Layton.  No matter what your political leanings are you have to admire someone who, on his last days, writes a letter of encouragement to others. 
I finished making the top with the applique block so will probably post a photo tomorrow before I put it into the quilt frame.


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