Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Applique Efforts

Folk Art Flower Applique
Here is my next attempt at applique.  I thought this one was a lot better but then I took the photo and noticed that neither my leaves nor flowers were a consistent shape.  I've since corrected the leaves and yesterday bought a magnifying mirror that hangs around the neck (rather awkward) and, as I was correcting the flowers, noticed even more mistakes.  One will have to be replaced but then I am leaving it as it. 
The border patterns is delectable mountains and I used the directions and ruler from Elinor Burns book by the same name.  They were easy to do and, I think, effective.
The border fabric doesn't show to well in the photo but it is a very rich paisley.  I've used the same print in the flowers.  I will probably add an outside border of the paisley-although I may change my mind about the fabric.  When I get it all done, I will post another photo.
While I am working on this, I am also quilting the strip quilt that I posted.  Gives my eyes a rest and I can do the one standing up.
This is my baking day so I have bread and granola started.  Have promised my husband a baked dessert so I will be doing an apple crisp for supper. 
I am such a wonderful wife!

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