Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lesson One

A Bad Example of Applique
This rather dreadful block is my first attempt to learn to applique properly.  In this situation, there wasn't any case of beginners luck.  In fact, some of my results when I didn't know what I was doing turned out better.
Still, I am using this is a starting point.  When I look back on my early-and many not so early-pieced blocks, I can see lots of mistakes.
I am going to do this block again and try to do better.
I am baking again today.  It is cooler and my son and daughter- in- law are coming over tomorrow for a couple of days so want to get a few home baked goodies ready for them.  Rick is coming to give my husband (his step dad) a hand with a number of two person chores that need to be done.  It is also a nice opportunity for us to have some time together.  I have a stew started in the slow cooker, bread rising in a bowl and now am going to make some scones and then a casserole.  That should keep us going for a couple of days.  Just call me Susy Home Maker!   Which reminds me; sheets to change, dust to hide and vacuuming to do.  Better get busy.

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  1. I don't know how many times what's in my mind, you write about. Last week we both did some cleaning. Today I have a bit of a lull in sewing, and yesterday I tried to figure out which non-sewing thing I should do. I figured I'd be Susie Homemaker today. Hope you're having a great visit with your family.