Thursday, August 11, 2011

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Mom said I could talk to you today.  I have been watching her write all my life so I am sure that I know how to press those black things to make the words appear.
I have been very busy lately because someone has bought the property across the road from us and I have to let everyone know when they are coming and going, when the machinery arrives and if anyone is walking past our road. 
You would think that would be enough responsibility for one tiny dog but that is only the beginning of my work.  Dad needs someone to walk with him when he goes to feed those weird clucky things, I have to sit with Mom when she hangs out the clothes and, of course, there is all the greeting, jumping, wagging, begging; the list is endless.
Even with all that work, however, I know I am one lucky dog.  I get fed every day, have lots of treats and tummy rubs.  I get taken on walks although sometimes I have to wear some really weird things.  Mom and Dad went out on Tues and came back with a hat that she put on my head and tried to get a fuzzy yellow and black stripe thing on my body.  Lucky for me, it didn't fit.  Thank you bacon treats.
You would think that someone that loves me wouldn't want to put me through all that humiliation but no, they both kept laughing and calling me a buzzy bee!
Well, I think I am going to have a bit of a nap now.  We are having company soon and I will have to get ready to make them feel welcome.

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