Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weather Yo Yo

Well, it was supposed to be quite warm this week and, Tuesday's temperature sure seemed to point in that direction.  However, yesterday, it was cooler and windy and today it is cool enough to run the furnace.  As a person who dislikes the heat, this respite has been welcomed. 
I am taking advantage of the drop to bake bread and, if Saturday is also cooler, I will do another lot so I have extra for when things do warm up.
Yesterday, we were away all day.  I had to go to a specialist to check out a test result so we got a caregiver for our wee dog and did some shopping.  We were able to have a leisurely lunch, buy groceries, wander through a couple of other stores and stop in to visit a friend on the way home.
Heidi, in the meanwhile was trying her best to show off her cute side and was rewarded by having her photo taken a dozen times.  When we went to pick her up, Auntie Pat (Heidi respectfully calls all adults either aunt or uncle) showed us a picture taken at 9.24, another at 9.25 etc.  She (Heidi not Pat although auntie may have as well as our little dog can be exhausting sometimes) spent the evening sleeping with her head on my husband's leg. (Well, I guess Pat would have her head on a pillow but you know what I mean)  When she is at home, Heidi spends a good part of the day sleeping, but when she's out,  seems to feel it is her responsibility to entertain everyone.
I finally got my laser pointer set up and working.  It does help when you put the bolts in the correct way-thank you Roger.  I did a sample quilt with a butterfly panto and, if you squint, you can tell they might be butterflies.  I have now set up the quilt that I have been waiting to do.  I am just doing stars on it which is a simpler design so I should be alright.
Tomorrow I hope to have a photo of an idea I saw for quilt corners.  Simple and easy but very effective.

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