Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baking and Shopping

I have been baking all morning and am really thankful tha we bought that little air conditioner this year.  It is doing a nice job of keeping the kitchen temperature tolerable.  It isn't overly warm today but even if it is freezing ouside, an over can warm up the house pretty quickly.
I have made a coffee cake, banana bread and some scones to take to the resort when we go to visit my sister and family tomorrow. Actually the scones will stay here as they are my husband's favourite.
After lunch, I will go into the village and get a haircut and pick up whatever mail may have come through now the strike is over.
In between all this, I have been working on a small quilt.  I was having trouble with the tension and the thread kept breaking.  I finally have it set where the machine is happy.  It seems as though you have to change everything every time you change the thread.  Can be a bit frustrating at times.  Perhaps I should stick to one thread company and make sure I have lots of colours.
I hear my husband coming in for lunch so I had better go and cut the scones but first, a quick look at the new batiks that Sisters Quilting Expo has in stock.

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