Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mistaken Identity

Yesterday, I wrote about a flower in my garden which I identified as a Sweet William.  A reader e mailed me and said she called them Johnny Jump Ups and one of my sister's in England said she called them Violas.  She also sent me a photo of a large display of flowers which she knew as Sweet Williams. 
As I lay no claim to the title of gardener, I have come to the conclusion that my flowers may be a number of things but they are not Williams-Sweet or otherwise.  I think I will call them Violas as that is a nice short name but I believe they are probably more deserving of the Johnny moniker.
They do tend to Jump Up in unlikely places.  I thought my neglect had killed some that I planted last year but, there they are, popping up in the driveway and other unlikely spots.  Not, however, in the garden where I had put them.  I guess the old saying of 'Grow whee you are planted' doesn't apply to flowers.
My sister, who loves gardening, has already bought a book on the flowers of Ontario in preparation for her move here.  I probably should get one also so I can be a bit more accurate in my identification.  It would hardly do for someone who has lived in Canada for most of their life to be out shone, flora-wise by someone who has lived in England since she was a child
(If that sounds confusing, here is the explanation.  I was born in England. Mom and I moved to Canada to join my Canadian soldier father.  My younger siblings were all born here.  Mom returned to England when I was a teenager and took my brothers and sisters.  I  chose to stay.  So the Canadians live in England and the Brit lives in Canada.  One brother moved back.  He is the only one living in his country of origin).

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