Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Back

I have my new computer up and running, programs installed and everything, somewhat, back to normal.  I see that Windows 7 doesn't have the photo editing program that I had with XP and the new one isn't as good. 
Is it a sign of approaching geeserhood that I find what is new isn't necessarily better?
If I could remember the name of the program (another sign) I would download it but, of course, I can't. Until I get the new and unimproved photo thingys worked out, I guess I will have to forget posting pictures for a bit.
On Saturday, I got to meet a number of ladies who belong to an on line quilt group.    We got together in Orillia which was somewhat cenral, had lunch, chatted and then went to the local quilt store where we (what else) spent money.
The odd thing about on line groups is that you chat and share with a number of people for a number of years and feel that you know them but, of course, you don't.  You don't know what they look like, if they are married or have children, like animals, have phobias or foibles, eat ice cream, etc.
I discovered these ladies were as nice in person as they sounded on line.  They are gracious, encouraging and entirely human with the usual insecurities and problems.
I am looking forward to seeing them again and perhaps a few others who live in the area.
This Saturday, I am going to an area quilt show which will be my first for the year.  I seem to have been so busy the past few months but a quilter must get to a quilt show or they may run out of inspiration.

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