Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Quilting

I got outside and did some weeding yesterday as my rock garden was more weeds than rocks.  I didn't get it finished but I now can see some of the stones as well as the plants. 
I took a photo of these flowers in one of the other gardens. Sweet Williams, although technically an annual does reseed itself and come up again. I have quite a few of them and love their little 'faces'.  They are like miniature pansy.
I have some little yellow ones that are appearing in the most unlikely places.  Probably with the assistance of birds and squirrels.
A lot of quilter's spend more time in their garden than their sewing room in the summer.  I used to until I moved here to the backwoods. Now as I have so much time, I can do the gardening and other stuff during the day and quilt in the evening. Before I retired, evenings and weekends were spent doing the usual housework as well as outdoor stuff. 
Sweet Williams
I do find that I do a lot more hand quilting in the summer as I can take that with me when sitting outside or visiting.
I mentioned yesterday my problems with my new PC and the programs it had for downloading photos. As you can see, I have that solved.  I found the program I wanted after a bit more poking around so now am a happy photographer. 

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  1. Hi Anna - I love those little flowers but I have always called them Johnny Jump-Ups! And they do live up to that name around here!!! I love how hardy they are as well!!! I am glad you are back online - I missed your blog!!