Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chicks, Fabric and Patterns

Fluffy Chicks
Our new family members are snug in their new home and are stuffing their little beaks with food. My husband stayed out in the camper last night but, as I was thinking, he decided that if any critter snuck in, he probably wouldn't hear it anyway.  Especially given the thunder storm we had last night.  So, tonight he will be back in his own bed.
Sisters Quilting Expo has got in some wonderful new fabrics and she has got me to design some patterns for her using them. I always enjoy that until I get to the math part.  I spent the day figuring out how much of each fabric was needed.  I usually use EQ but, for some reason, they didn't get the calculations right.
I also have someone read everything a few times and she caught a couple of mistakes (wrong fabric given for one area).  I admire people who design patterns for a living.  It is a lot of mental work with not much in the way for financial reward.  However, if someone enjoys making the quilt and the quilt itself, that helps make the work worthwhile.
I have been trying to get at the quilt I have in the frame and finally found some time yesterday.  Before starting I had to wind a bobbin.  Then I ran out of thread and I didn't have anymore.  Argh.
Oh well, it will get done eventually.  In the meantime, I have another pattern to do.

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