Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hide your Shirts

My sister's first blocks
 I think we have another committed quilter in the family.
These bound blocks are my sister's first quilting efforts and I think she has done a lovely job.  Shortly after she finished them, she ran out of fabric and was telling me that she was starting to look at her husband's shirts as a source of material.
I had to laugh.
I then explained that the reason quilter's have a hefty stash of fabric and multiples of projects on the go is so you never run out. I think one of her first stops when the stores open will be to the fabric store and I bet she doesn't run out of material again.
My new laser pointer just arrived in the mail yesterday and I am anxious to get it on the machine frame and start practising.  I have had a quilt waiting to be quilted for a couple of weeks.  This is one with my own patterns so I want to get it done and on my web page.
It seems as though we are going to have hot weather this week.  I am already complaining about the heat.  I feel that I am free to do this because I don't complain about the cold.  No matter how low the thermometer goes in the winter, you can still work indoors.  However, in the summer, once the temperature gets in the upper twenties, all you can do is lay around and sweat.
I am seriously thinking of getting a small air conditioner this year.  Our home does stay relatively cool but on the worst days, it does heat up in the afternoon.
Have some annuals to get in the ground before it gets too warm so I am off to do that.

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