Friday, June 17, 2011

Stars and Human Nature

Star Illusions
This little quilt top was made from the fabric my sister gave to me for my birthday.  It was rather a difficult pattern and, as you can see, I have to unstitch the center to align the points.
I usually make my stars from half squares but these were done with diamond shapes.  No set in seams though so that was nice.
I am sure you have heard about the riots following the hockey game on Wednesday.  It is always disheartening to see people using any excuse to destroy other people's property.  One observer said they were having a tantrum and I think that is an excellent word to describe both the actions and the maturity of the participants.
As dreadful as the riot was, the reaction of the residents has certainly offset it.  Hundreds of volunteers coming together to clean the streets, leave encouraging and supportive messages for the police and merchants and generally showing the good side of human nature.  I don't suppose this aspect of the story will receive the same media attention as the negative but I am doing my bit to publish it.  I hope you will too.
Far to often, we only get to see and hear of the worst of human nature.  There is a lot of kindness, bravery and generosity that happens.

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