Friday, June 3, 2011

Elegance and Corners

Have you ever noticed how one thing can change a lot of other things?  I received a lovely china mug for my birthday and I started using it for my morning coffee.  Then I decided to use a cup and saucer for my after supper tea.  Most of the time I toss a tea bag into a mug and add the hot water but there is something very special about sipping from a cup.  What was just a beverage becomes a moment of elegance.  The day takes on a different attitude.  I have half a dozen really nice cup and saucer sets (not counting Grandma's dishes) but only one mug.  I am now keeping my eyes open for another. 
This will definately not be a Walmart purchase-all their dishes are either plastic or, well, plastic.  I don't mind if it is second hand as long as it is good quality. 
If I keep this up, we may be eating our pizza and KD from Grandma's dishes.
If you have ever made a medallion quilt or any other kind that has a lot of white space, you may have wondered what you could put in the corners to give it some pizzazz.  I recently acquired Pat Campbell's book, Simple Shapes Table Toppers (a book I would highly recommend for its patterns and practicality) and she uses a couple of blocks that make a tremendous difference.   One is the Cactus Flower and the other is the Roman Stripe.  These are half triangle blocks so if you do the other half in a plain or tonal fabric it is very effective.
I will post a photo later so you can see what the blocks look like.

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