Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Dwindles

I recently heard an older person being told that she had the dwindles and I thought that was the perfect description for what happens to us once we zip past sixty-five.
Our mind dwindles away as does our health, income and independence.
Our memory has dwindled to a mere shadow of its former self.
Retirement is great but our income has dwindled to a portion of our earnings
Our hearing has dwindled or else everyone really is muttering just to annoy us.
Our eyesight has dwindled just at the time that print has become smaller
The number of our friends dwindles the older we get but the remaining ones become more precious.
Our sense of balance has dwindled and grocery carts are used as much for support as for carrying groceries.
The colour of our hair has dwindled and with it (especially if you are male) has gone the hair itself
The dwindles are often accompanied by the sags.  As our skins elasticity lessens our jowls and other body parts start moving downward.

All, however, is not bad news.  Our veins become more colourful.  Our stooped back makes it easier to see money that is lying on the ground.  People think you are wonderful simply because you are still alive. You can nap whenever you want-except when driving.
Whatever stage of life you are at, there are challenges and rewards.  The biggest reward is that we are still here to enjoy it.

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  1. Anna - thank you so much for today's post - it made me laugh out loud after a very frustrating evening spent at a meeting where nothing was accomplished except increasing my levels of frustration!!! I am just approaching 60 but have had the dwindles for quite some time now - perhaps I am an early bloomer???