Friday, June 10, 2011

Computer Problems

I haven't been posting this week because my right arm is down.  My computer hasn't been working properly for a while and this week it decided to go on vacation. 
we bought another one yesterday so am now waiting to get everything uploaded or downloaded or whatever direction it needs to go to get my files and programs set up.
I am thankful we have the laptop but I find the keyboard takes a bit of getting used to.
So, while I wait, I am getting caught up on some dressmaking, visiting, baking, housecleaning.....I guess I do spend a lot of time in front of that little screen.
I should be picking up the new tower tomorrow on my return trip from Orillia.  Some of the quilters who live in this part of Ontario and belong to the same online group are getting together.  It will be great meeting these ladies and being able to put a face to the names I see so often.
Thank you for your patience.  All should be back to normal-for whatever that is worth-next week,

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