Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Arrivals

This morning, my husband got the call for which he was waiting; our new family members had arrived.  He drove to a neighbouring community to pick them up and bring them to the home he had been preparing for a number of weeks.
It is amazing how little space 50 fluffy chicks use.  It is also amazing how much it will cost to raise them.  With the price of the birds themselves, feed, heat and equipment, it would be cheaper to buy our meat in a store.  But, when you consider the supermarket fowl (as with all meat) includes a high percentage (20, I think) of water and we know that these birds will be raised without chemicals, it is worth it.
Tonight, Roger will be sleeping in the camper near the chicken house, as he will for the next few nights, to make sure all is well. The house should be well fortified against all marauders but he wants to make sure. Heidi is, of course, curious about the newcomers but she will be kept away from them.  As tiny as she is, they are smaller.
Ah, life in the backwoods.

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  1. Hi Anna, That is so neat reading about the baby chicks. At least here you do not need to worry about eagles. Just received a letter last week from DDIL(they live on Vancouver Island) and they lost two full grown chickens. The eagle came shopping. LOL
    Good luck with you chicks