Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cottage Country, My Home

This is the quilt I have been working on for a customer.  It is completely finished, label on and being delivered today.  I didn't name it but I could have called it Log Cabin Blues after the dye in one of the blue strips ran.
We were talking yesterday at quilt group about the problems associated with living in a tourism area.  Most summer visitors blend into the community.  Others, however, seem to feel that those who call these wonderful areas home should cater to them.  Our roads, lake shores, store hours etc. should all be for their convenience even though they may only be here for a few weeks out of the year.  Those of us who live here are more concerned about employment, safety for our children, health care;  all the things that our summer visitors think about when they are at home.
I am grateful for the income that tourists bring to our area and I hope that they are equally grateful that we make it possible for them to be comfortable when they come to the cottage.  Without us, they would not have paved roads, grocery and other stores, library, emergency services etc. etc. It is a symbiotic relationship; each benefiting the other.
I love my country home.  I love the (relatively) peace and quiet, seeing the stars at night, the wild animals,  and all that comes with a rural area. And I can certainly understand that if someone lives in Toronto or other large community that they love this area also.
Wherever you live, may you enjoy serenity.

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