Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Husband

Roger has been helping a friend do some work this week so I have had the house to myself.  It is rather a strange feeling as, unless is hunting or visiting his family, he is around all the time.  Before we retired, we both worked outside the home so I have never had that 'see husband off to work' experience.
I must say I am able to get more done quicker when he isn't here but that is my fault not his.  We usually watch the morning news for a hour whereas this morning the tv stayed off.
Now that the housework is done, I am going to get the quilt finished while it is still cool.  I only have two more rows to complete and then it is on to the unpicking.
I am waiting for some new specialty thread to arrive in the mail and may not do the resewing until it is here.
Heidi did very well on her visit to the pet lady and the vet.  Did I tell you she had a black mark on her tummy that I was concerned about?  Vet said it wasn't a tick or anything else he could determine so I am just to keep a watch on it.  I did find out that our little one has put on another two pounds so it is time to start watching the weight.  Won't tell you what I need to do for myself!

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