Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Scorcher

It is going to be another really hot day, tomorrow a bit cooler and then, Friday nicer yet.  I am hoping it cools down enough that I can make my bread for the fall fair entry.  I have 5 items this year which is not as many as I hoped but more than last year (my first time) of two.
I find that this is pretty much a trial and error proceedure as there isn't a lot of guidelines.  The book lists acceptable size and content but not proceedure.  For example, one catagory is dressed doll, hand made.  I had to ask a friend if that meant everything, including the doll had to be made by the entrant or just the clothes.  She said the doll must also be made and she found out because hers wasn't.
Another catagory is unfinished quilt top.  I am entering that one and am hoping that you don't have to eliminate all threads because, of course, the raw edges fray.  Do the seam edges all have the be the exact same width and the thread matching the fabric?  I am assuminng that it will be judged on the workmanship of the top itself-no puckers, mismatched points etc.
I may have time to do a quick post after I see how I do on Sunday. 
Of course, I am hoping to do well but my main hope is just not to be disqualified because I wasn't aware of a rule.
Ah, the stresses of country life.

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