Friday, August 6, 2010

A Little Philosophy

I was awake early this morning and thinking about quilting-what else and realized that there is much about our craft that teaches life lessons.
We humans aren't too fond of the down times; those days (weeks, months) when nothing goes right.  It is normal to dislike illness, bills, heartaches and other facts of life but I believe they can, if our mindset is right, contribute to our growth.
When you sew, the needle of the machine goes down into the fabric as often as it goes up.  If it didn't descend, the upper thread would just lay on top of the fabric instead of being incorporated into a stitch that binds everything together.
Our down times, as difficult as they are, help us to grow, develop our character and enable us to be more understanding. I wouldn't want to have nothing but problems, and I admit that I am a long way from embracing those that I have, but I can see where they have helped me mature.  Just as the hot days help me appreciate the cool, the difficult makes me more grateful for the blessings.
Today, I am thankful that the weather has cooled down.  We had a strong wind yesterday evening and it seems to have blown away the heat and humidity.  The trees were bending so fiercely that we were sure some of the older ones would have come down but my husbands inspection this morning showed that everything seems to be still upright.
We had a wonderful visit with our friends yesterday and now we are hoping that they decide to move to our area.  There is some land available just adjacent to ours that would be perfect.

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