Monday, August 16, 2010

August BOM

Here is another of those projects that will use up some scraps.  It is a variation of a number of patterns but, as this one is mine, I will call it:
Scrappy Quarters.

You will need a number of strips (widths can vary) of at least 16" long
Sew strips together to make a block 16" X 16".  (do not trim at this point)
Cut block in half and then half again so you have  4 squares.
Stack squares face up and cut diagonally from one side to the next, starting approx. an inch from a corner.
Leave sections together and take one section from right side group and move it to the bottom of that group.
Sew sections together to make 4 different squares.
Repeat previous step (stack squares, cut) but this time cut the squares from the opposite side.
Move two pieces from right group to the bottom
Sew sections together.
Trim squares.
Sew squares together.
Trim to a 12 1/2" block.


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  1. Hi Anna,
    Enjoyed reading your blog! Keep it up. I enjoy hearing about other quilters lives and how they include their passion for quilting into them.