Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mmmm! Raisin Cookies

It is much cooler today so I made cookies.  I have a favourite recipe in my old Purity cookbook circa early stone age.  It makes seven dozen so if I bake them quickly there will be some left after my husband 'samples' a 'few'.
We are going to a resort to visit a friend this afternoon and, as she will have her grandchildren with her, I thought some cookies would be a nice hostess gift.
I think it is supposed to stay cool for tomorrow so I will be baking bread and perhaps so oat cakes or molasses cookies.  Our church picnic is this weekend and cookies are always nice to take for those who don't want a huge dessert. I always get in a baking mood when it cools down after a hot spell.  Of course, canning season is just around the corner so I will so get tired of it.
I  bathed our Heidi this morning and worked out some of her hair tangles as she is is also invited to the resort.  I want her to be able to put her best paw forward.  Pets always look so funny when they are wet, don't they.  All eyes and nose like a cartoon character. Don't tell her I said that.  She is quite vain.

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